Shopping Mall Screens

Eye-catching LED video walls used in store windows or outdoor signs allow retailers to showcase their products with live and elegant details, creating excitement among customers and increasing foot traffic. Large LED video walls featuring live visuals related to fashion and style create a unique brand experience while enhancing curb appeal. Today's consumers seek an engaging, educational, and entertaining shopping experience. In-store displays interact dynamically with visitors through live visual displays, stunning advertisements, real-time promotions, or product stories and collections. This helps increase brand awareness and build stronger customer loyalty.

With ECHRAN's dynamic digital screens and intelligent software, no one can pass by your company without noticing it. Convert a passerby into a customer with content that inspires action and encourages them to visit your store. We assist you in finding the right solution for extra visibility on your street, in your store window, or in in-store communication. We are delighted to design a wholesale solution for your concept with unlimited options in size and pixel pitch.

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